At EINSOF Marketing Group (EMG), we offer a wide range of services, tailored to fit your every need. Let us be your partner to help you grow your business.











  • Brand Development and Management

    Who are you? Cohesive brand identity is the core of any successful business. We sit down with you to develop your brand to its full potential, aligning design and product to bring your vision to life. We create and implement a path of clear communication to your customers.

  • Overseas Brand Representation

    As experts in international cross-cultural exchange, EMG offers brand representation services to brands going overseas. We help navigate the transition by providing translation and regulatory assistance, researching and analyzing the new market, and applying our local knowledge and resources so that your brand flourishes abroad.

  • Brand, Partnership, and Sponsorship Acquisition

    Bring others on board. EMG helps you acquire support for your work, whether in the form of brand acquisition, partnerships, or sponsorships. Our dedicated team will identify which brands and sponsors are right for you, develop and evaluate proposals, and negotiate the terms of agreement.

  • Brand Activation

    Connect with your customers. Defining your vision is just the beginning; we activate your brand both online and offline through engaging experiential marketing to engage your audience and build trust and loyalty with your customers for long-term relationships.





Strategic Marketing





  • Media Buying

    Optimize your budget and your exposure. We seek out media platforms with the widest and most relevant reach and handle all negotiations to secure placement that best fits your needs.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    Nobody does it better. EMG is an expert in digital marketing strategy, from brand development to social media presence. We examine and develop a performance-based strategy based on your existing needs, determine suitable media channels and partnerships, and come up with innovative approaches to reach your audience.

  • Social Media Marketing and Management

    Get attention. Social media is a limitless force, and EMG fully understands how to employ it to your advantage. Our team of savvy consultants will set up any social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.), and develop a marketing approach to raise your profile. We keep the tone of your messages authentic and engaging so you can build goodwill, interact directly with fans, and foster a loyal community.

  • Publicity Strategy

    Represent your best. Our publicists work with EMG’s network of partners to create a press campaign that best represents you and your work, in as many ways as possible to as many eyes as possible.

  • Marketing Strategy

    From start to finish, EMG helps you define your vision and bring it to your audience. We assess your needs, determine strategic positioning to target suitable niche segments, and launch a tailored campaign through various platforms to generate tangible results. We manage everything: from budget to design to internal and external relations.

  • Market Entry Strategy

    This is our specialty. EMG is uniquely skilled at cross-cultural market penetration, especially between Asia and the West. Using a fan-centric approach and localized knowledge, we identify niches and analyze your audience to secure a successful foothold so you can grow your brand.





Music and Events





  • Music Licensing Coordination

    Whether you’re a licensor or licensee, EMG will match you to the ideal music for your project or navigate licensing permissions on your behalf to get your music in the market.

  • Event Coordination

    Take us with you. EMG is experienced in event booking and coordination, whether overseas or domestic. Our team will book dates and venues, assist with visa applications, leverage ongoing marketing efforts, and use our global network of local teams to ensure a smooth ride.

  • Music Synchronization Coordination

    Working in collaboration with our partner, Sync Exchange, EMG coordinates all music synchronization licenses and copyright agreements to meet your needs. We help you with music clearance, and actively pitch your content to music supervisors and creative directors around the world, placing your music in film, television, commercials, and video games.

  • Event Talent Booking

    Hoping to book a show in North America, Europe, or the APAC region? Our network allows us to book talent at events both small and large around the world.

  • Public Relations

    Improve your image. EMG helps you build trustworthy relationships with partners and the public. We take care of press and news releases, media relations, customer communications, media training, annual reports, investor communications, crisis communications, and more.

  • Event Marketing and Promotion

    Make an impact. Offline or online, EMG does more than just sell tickets. Successfully promoting an event is about building relationships and converting customers into fans. EMG develops creative campaigns that build brand awareness, leverage ongoing efforts, and generate leads through a multi-pronged strategy.










  • Web and Graphic Design

    Presentation is everything. EMG offers full design services for online and offline ads, websites, packaging, and merchandise, so you can make an impression on first sight.