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X Japan
Japan’s most famous rock band.


To complete 2 global marketing campaigns, start to finish, in less than three weeks.

X Japan planned a three-day reunion live concert series at the Tokyo Dome between March 28th and March 30th, 2008. EINSOF Marketing Group was first brought on to handle a tour package for international fans, and then was asked to handle a second project: international ticket sales.


Phase I

X Japan initially approached EINSOF Marketing Group to develop a tour and ticket package for international fans, and to market and administer the sale of international tickets to their international fanbase, who had no way to purchase tickets as tickets were originally limited to Japanese fanclub members only. That meant we had to create a ticketing solution and market not just tickets but an entire travel package for overseas fans who wished to attend the concert. We encountered obstacles such as language barriers, currency conversion issues, and numerous technical difficulties.

We organized and planned a tour package with H.I.S. International that included a flight to Japan, accommodations at the luxurious Shin-Yokohama Grand Prince Hotel, a special VIP reception event and VIP gifts, and premium concert tickets. In addition, the tour included sightseeing tours led by our team around Tokyo and the surrounding areas, as well as leisure activities such as shopping and karaoke. As we only had 21 days to plan the tour, and 15 days to market and sell the tour package, our team worked diligently to launch a full-scale online marketing campaign that included email marketing to 6,000 opt-in fans; press release distribution and publicity placements; online and radio advertisement placement; aggressive online guerrilla campaigning; and social media marketing.

Phase II

The response to our tour package was overwhelming, and when X Japan witnessed the enthusiasm from international fans, and their demand for tickets, they approached us with fifteen days to spare to ask that we sell tickets, sans tour package, to international fans who wished only to attend the reunion concert series. We had very little time to plan and put together a traditional global marketing campaign alongside our work with the tour package, and the clock was already ticking. Since a traditional campaign was out of the question, we worked with partners to craft and launch a very aggressive online marketing campaign in 18 languages, with target markets in North and South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, South Korea, and Taiwan.

We began by building two microsites for the event and put together an online publicity and marketing campaign that relied heavily on email blasts to over 10,000 fans, social media marketing, guerrilla marketing, street team campaigning, and online advertisements. During the life cycle of the campaign, we utilized email marketing; press release distribution; heavy publicity campaigning which resulted in numerous press placements; online advertising placement; social media marketing; radio advertising placement; aggressive online guerrilla campaigning; and street team campaigning in North America, South America, Europe, and throughout Southeast Asia.

Our publicity campaign resulted in over 200 press placements, while our ad campaign generated over 100,000 impressions with a click-through rate of 15.861%. Following the ticket sale, we then put together a multilingual team to run customer service, and sent a team to Japan to facilitate distribution of tickets at the venue itself.


Our tour package pulled in $64,400 USD in sales for H.I.S. International and X Japan, after the 15 days we spent marketing and selling the tour package. Meanwhile, with only 10 days to market and 5 days to sell the tickets, we were able to sell ¥13,000,000 worth of tickets, with customers from 28 countries.