Sugizo and Juno Reactor North American Tour Marketing Campaign



guitarist of X Japan, Luna Sea, and Juno Reactor, an experimental music ensemble originating from the UK.


Facilitate a marketing and publicity campaign for a nationwide tour in 18 days.

EINSOF Marketing Group was brought on board to promote SUGIZO and Juno Reactor’s joint North American tour a mere eighteen days before the first show date, at a time when tickets had only sold 25% across all venues nationwide. If we could not find a way to create a miracle in the limited time we were given, the tour would most likely lose money. With only 2.8 weeks to put together an entire campaign, we would have to be extremely aggressive with the tactics we used in order to create the highest visibility and amplification for the tour. The limiting size of the marketing budget meant we needed to come up with creative solutions to achieve maximum success.


Since SUGIZO was enjoying a surge of popularity in the United States after his induction as an official member of X Japan, we planned our entire campaign around him and rebranded the tour as “SUGIZO on tour with JUNO REACTOR.” All marketing materials predominantly featured his likeness in order to tap into the potential of his domestic fanbase.

Immediately, we created microsites for the tour as well as a press-specific site; designed online banner ads, flyers, and posters; rolled out a social media campaign; began press servicing to over 200 media outlets; performed an email blast to over 10,000 J-rock music fans; and began heavy street team recruitment.

Within the first 72 hours of the campaign rollout, we secured press on all major Japanese pop culture sites, in addition to media advertising sponsorships, site-takeovers on high-traffic websites, and sponsored radio ads. We leveraged interest generated by the publicity to offer promotions in magazines, and offered prizes based on performance to our street teams to energize and incentivize them. We used a geotargeted approach to concentrate our efforts on San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

In short, we did nothing less than run a completely data-driven, aggressively omnichannel marketing surge designed to target and galvanize SUGIZO’s fans to engage them with a “SUGIZO and Juno Reactor” tour. Our efforts to reach fans and get them excited about seeing “SUGIZO on tour with Juno Reactor” generated overwhelming interest in both SUGIZO and Juno Reactor.


Despite having only one week to track our online banners, we came out with phenomenal results with a total of 65,275 media impressions. Notably, our click-through rate (CTR) weighed in at 26.692%, while the national CTR average during 2008 was only 0.09%. In effect, our online ad strategy was 296.58 times more successful than the national average.

Our publicity strategy resulted in 197 press placements, 15 feature interviews, 5 media sources dedicated to ongoing coverage, 3 major media site takeovers, 3 on-air radio interviews, and 1 live show broadcast. Meanwhile, our publicity partner for the tour secured live televised performances on Fearless Music, broadcasted on FOX 5 in New York City.

By targeting SUGIZO’s domestic fanbase, we were able to tap into a market that previously would not have paid to see Juno Reactor perform live. But due to our promotional efforts, thousands of fans came out to see SUGIZO live on tour. We tripled ticket sales, bringing the national ticket sale average to 75%.