Our Story

EINSOF Marketing Group (EMG) began in 2007 as a creative marketing company that worked primarily within the Japanese music industry. We were a group of interdisciplinary professionals who saw that not many companies specifically targeted and worked with Japanese music companies, and we recognized that we could offer a specific set of services to help the Japanese music market grow outside of Japan.

Almost immediately, we began working with Jrock Revolution as their brand management and operations company, a relationship that ensured we were instrumental in creating a large international J-rock community from 2007 to 2009. Through our efforts over the course of these two years, we built sites, sold tickets, got involved with events and tours, and supported many artists, whether as a primary marketing agency, or through Jrock Revolution where we developed content.

In 2013, EMG relaunched as a strategic marketing consultancy specializing in cross-cultural market entry. Our territories of specialization include Asia as a whole, North America, and Europe. Through a strategic alliance, we currently operate as the global marketing arm for Crosslight Global Entertainment and Bishi-Bishi in Europe. Our staff now comprises of experienced and skilled consultants across disciplines in music, marketing, PR, web/digital, and events. Although our focus is primarily on growing the Asian music market internationally, we also consult for domestic creative products.