About Us

EINSOF Marketing Group (EMG) is a strategic marketing consultancy based in the United States that specializes in cross-cultural market entry strategy between Asia and the West for the music industry. Our team of experienced music industry consultants draw from their interdisciplinary backgrounds in marketing, publicity, events, digital strategy, and branding to create compelling campaigns that produce great results.

Here at EINSOF Marketing Group, our philosophy is, “Endless creativity. Infinite possibilities.




Why work with us?




  • We come up with crazy solutions to impossible problems

Most marketing firms would have looked at a deadline of 15 days to start and finish a global marketing campaign for a concert series, shaken their heads, and said it was impossible. We don’t believe in “impossible.” Through the efforts of our dedicated team, precision-targeted niche marketing, aggressive yet effective email and social media messaging, online advertisements, and street team campaigning, we were able to sell ¥13,000,000 worth of tickets to X Japan’s reunion concert series to customers from 28 countries, with only ten days to market and five days to sell.

Our successful problem-solving comes from a strong work ethic, a strategized approach, a fan-centric attitude that helps us understand our target markets intimately and market to them effectively, and a skilled team of consultants whose experience and expertise help them craft strategies that consistently deliver incredible results.






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  • Our wide range of services makes us a one-stop shop for all your branding and marketing needs

We wouldn’t have been able to succeed as well as we did in completing numerous high-profile projects in short periods of time without our broad range of in-house skills, techniques, and services. We can act as primary partners to work alongside your own teams, or we can act as coordinators and offer a huge return on your investment as we streamline processes and sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.

Need marketing?

Need marketing? We specialize in many different types of marketing, including but not limited to: event marketing, web marketing, social media marketing, branding and brand management, and media buying. Our marketing campaigns produce upwards 10,000 media impressions due to our expertise in segmenting and identifying target markets.

Need PR and communications?

EMG also offers PR services such as publicity strategy, general public relations, and brand representation.

Need events?

We do those, too! For our event marketing services, we do talent booking, event marketing and promotion, and event coordination. We can deploy on-the-ground street teams and guerilla marketing teams to target and engage fans in person, with content they care about.

Need... anything?

If you need a website overhaul, we can help you! Graphic design? We do that too! Music licensing/synchronization? We do business with some of the biggest names in synch right now. With our extensive skillsets, we can work with you to determine just what you need, and provide it for you.






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  • Our impressive network will help us help you

We work with some of the biggest players in the international Asian music industry. We’ve done work for prominent Japanese artists and music brands such as X Japan, SUGIZO (LUNA SEA), Jrock Revolution, and JSHOCK DD LLC. As the marketing arm for Crosslight Global Entertainment and Bishi-Bishi, we develop market-entry strategy and campaigns for companies like Up-Front Group for Hello! Project.

We are experts in fan engagement and community building. EMG’s specialty is getting into niches, identifying the target markets and market segments that make up an active fanbase, and connecting with those fans. We create super targeted strategies for market penetration through creative marketing and other forms of fan engagement.




we discover what fans want,
and then give it to them



  • We are the best at what we do

We have the strongest strategic approach, build the most fan engagement, and penetrate our market segments with the greatest amount of precision and effectiveness